Well, I survived.

But the bread didn't.

Incidentally, my blog has been semi-revamped. A new background colour and now you don't need to have your own blogspot account to leave a comment.


Whitewater said...

i love the sketch,it looks like a mouse, you scardy cat

Anonymous said...

Glad you survived the camping! Yes it does look a bit like a squirrel.

Have you and Rob listened to my CD? Feedback greatly appreciated!

Nice change of colour by the way.

Dave T

Avus said...

I guess even squirrels can be vicious. ex President Carter (USA) was once savaged by a rabbit (but that would not be difficult!)

valonia said...

Whitewater - it's not a mouse it's a human sized rat... And you'd be scared if it came after your bread!

Dave T - it's a mutant rat (not sure where it got the axe from.)

Rob has been listening to your CD a lot. He's very impressed. My favourite song is The Weasel. Are you doing any local gigs?

As you know Rob hasn't changed much over the years so don't be surprised by the fact that he's lost your number. Can you give him a call when you get chance?

Avus - the cuter they are the more painful the bite!