Painting The Roof

When we recently moved to a new mooring we were able to fully appreciate the state of TGM's roof. It had weathered a bit and was in need of some love and attention.

So, we sanded her down and cleaned her up and talked about all the different designs and colours we could expereiment with.

Then we looked at the weather forecast and realised that we were unlikely to complete any major painting works this year.

But eager as we were to slap on some paint and do as much as we could before it rained/flooded/tempested/snowed we put our faith in the gods and applied a lovely white undercoat.

And then our imaginations kicked in and we no longer wanted to have a boat that was green all over (even if it was many different shades of green) and so, our imaginations led us to a tin of Hammerite just sitting there, alone, begging to be used. Black hatch, black rails and a nice black chimney collar.

After this we really got carried away and painted the roof red. I cannot find the photos I took so they will have to be posted next time.
We had to stop after this as a heavy dew prevented the paint from setting. Then it rained, and rained, and rained. The paint still has not dried.

The Season Turns.

The drift wood that adorns my garden and is used in my art has found a new use. It has been chopped and stacked ready to fuel our stove and keep out the cold and dark. The evening dew has been heavy and we are still waiting for the last coat of red we painted on the roof to dry! Mornings have had the suggestion of a chill and caused us to add another blanket to the bed. Geese have been gathering and flying away to distant lands calling farewell as they pass overhead. The starlings chatter in the hedgerows and eat the fat blackberries whilst below the rain puddles deepen. Autumn is here and I am happy.

Art Classes.

I have signed up for a painting and drawing class for beginners that starts later this month so I thought I'd have a go at drawing so I can compare my before and after skills. This is a sketch of Misha, my neighbour's boating cat.


As I sat drinking my morning cup of tea I watched a kingfisher eying up his breakfast. Sorry about the poor quality of the photograph. It was taken with my phone.