The Season Turns.

The drift wood that adorns my garden and is used in my art has found a new use. It has been chopped and stacked ready to fuel our stove and keep out the cold and dark. The evening dew has been heavy and we are still waiting for the last coat of red we painted on the roof to dry! Mornings have had the suggestion of a chill and caused us to add another blanket to the bed. Geese have been gathering and flying away to distant lands calling farewell as they pass overhead. The starlings chatter in the hedgerows and eat the fat blackberries whilst below the rain puddles deepen. Autumn is here and I am happy.


Rima said...

I quite agree :)
Lovely logs :)

herhimnbryn said...

Happy yes, Autumn does that.

Avus said...

Yup! something about autumn.