The water deposits a lot of wood onto my garden. I've started to burn designs into it and when the floods next come the river will carry the flotsam away.

The Boater's Garden

The old pot-bellied stove with strawberries.

Summer daisy.


We borrowed Kalimnos the 'day boat' and took a trip along the river bank to watch the sun rise. The police helicopter took an interest in us and after the fifth fly over (complete with search spotlight) it left us in peace and quiet and camp fire light. Dawn was cloudy and rain fell. Then sleep called us to another world.

A Lesson Still Not Learnt.

If you don't pay attention to where you put your paws you might end up a little wet.
But at least there is always someone to comfort you.


Birthday Celebrations

Hurrah, a new age bracket achieved and some rather wonderful presents received, including a pipe from Smiles to go with my old lady slippers: Lin (an artist, boater and friend) from Two 'N' Six painted some gardening tools for me. They are wonderful.
Rob bought me a basket for my bike and a horn that sounds suspiciously like there is a coot trapped inside. Look out for me along the tow paths as a whizz by! And I was also given a duck umbrella and a petunia. Oh, and chocolate... and a metal detector... and some bubbles...Spoilt? Moi? Yep.

Presents aside, the evening was spent in the company of many friends and some family and far too much alcohol. Somebody decided it was a good idea to get the guitar out and sing.

And the celebrations didn't end there. The next morning we were up early to travel to Portchester for a walk along the sea to take in the sights of Portsmouth

And back to chez Charlton for a medieaval birthday dinner:

Fish & Shrympes with Sauce Vert.


Stekys of Bef

Wortes & Salat


Mon Amy


We ended the evening by getting terribly drunk.


I have the heater on trying to dry out my legs... Actually, I think they might be burning.

Overnight the car park turned into a lagoon. I was going to take a picture showing the hubby's and Smiles's cars looking rather forlorn amidst the water but I was juggling work and other calls at the time. The other calls being to Rob and Smiles telling them they might need some waterproof footwear when they eventually venture out. And I figured that when I return home from work it would make a better photograph with half submerged cars as opposed to the tyres being a little damp.

I'm taking bets on the garden going under. Anyone fancy the wager?