I Only Dabble!

A friend asked me to paint some blocks of wood for him so he could make a mobile for his daughter. I only dabble in art in a hobbyist kind of way and so never expect or ask for payment, but my kind friend would not accept this. It would seem that I have a bottle of vodka heading my way in return for very homemade looking art. I will pass on the vodka to Rob, who will enjoy it very much. And now I will move on to my next project and find a willing victim to receive it and I hope that they do not mind wobbly lines and smudges as on windy days, as the boat rocks and sways, anything vaguely neat and straight is impossible!

Red Roof.

There is still a lot of work to do to complete the roof but it is finally waterproof.

Tiny Feet In The Frost.

This photo was sent to me this morning from my cat loving boaty neighbour. I miss these beautiful things when I've been at work all night.

I'm Afraid I Couldn't Help Myself...

And have changed my blogging template for the second or third time this year. It is addictive. There must be patches available for this sort of thing. I'll stop fiddling now and have a cigarette instead...


Morning Over Park.

Clear cold nights make misty damp mornings. This was my view just after sunrise. All was peaceful and I was the only one disturbing nature's wake-up routine.

On The State Of Our Lock Keepers.

On a saturday jaunt to Abingdon Lock to see John the lock keeper for a cuppa I was amused to see the sign printed in the lock keeper's hut (or office as he called it): Obviously, Mr. Jerome K Jerome was not too fond of the lock keepers he met on his travels. Mind you, as I recall, he was not too keen on Abingdon either when he passed through on his way to Oxford, preferring to give it a wide a berth as possible (excuse the boating pun) in 'Three Men In A Boat'. It is nice to see though, that the lock keepers of the Thames still have their own humour and style in their banter among themselves and with the boaters they help navigate the water. It was also a delight to have a small glimpse into the world of lock keeping. Those little offices that seem to be provided to shelter the keeper from the elements are filled with endless computer gadgetry and wizardry. And a kettle, the most important electrical item of all!
Picture from: The Jerome K Jerome Society.


For wood for the stove. Wet feet, stripey socks and a hat to keep out the cold!