Bridge jumpers enjoying the sunshine. I can't work out whether they are brave or stupid.


Pak choi: deceased.
Courgette: deceased.
Tomatoes: deceased.
Runner beans: deceased.
Onions: damages sustained.
Peas: deceased.
Broad beans: deceased.
Kale: deceased.
Broccolli: deceased.
Butternut squash: deceased.
Squash bonbon: deceased.
Strawberry: sustained damage.
Sweetcorn: deceased.
Honesty: deceased.
Wallflowers: deceased.
Freesia: deceased.
Hollyhock: deceased.
Sunflowers: alive and present.
Coriander: deceased.
Salad burnett: deceased.
Rosemary: deceased.
Oregano: deceased.
Chives: deceased.
Thyme: deceased.
Fennel: deceased.
Valerian: deceased.
Favourite gardening gloves: missing in action.
Fire bin: alive and present.
Gardener's morale: deceased.

Harry Potter *contains SPOILERS*

Please don't read this if you don't want to know what happens in _The Deathly Hallows_.

I really wasn't going to buy the last of the installments from the HP chronicles. I was going to wait until all the hype had passed and borrow it from the library. That plan failed miserably with the appearance of a couple of owls outside of the local book shop. THEY MADE ME BUY IT. Clever little things.

I must admit, and please don't think me heathen for saying this, but I've never been impressed with JKR's writing style. But I was pleasantly surprised by this offering of Potter-ness. Mind you, after six other novels the chances were probably in favour of improvement. And you know what? I really enjoyed it. I'm quite prepared to read it again.

I was hooked from the moment I started reading and highly disappointed when real life got in the way. There are two points I'd like to have not experienced. One: Dobby. Poor, poor Dobby. His appearance is all too brief and all too fatal. Two: It's a shame about the last chapter. I don't want to know what happens to the protagonists nineteen years later, I want to make my own endings for them. I had Harry all set for a nervous breakdown before going on a crime spree and turning to crack, finally ending up in St. Mungo's for a stint in rehab, and possibly growing old in Azkahban. I'm not even going to reveal what I had planned for Ron and Hermione.

Still, I've just got enough time before bed to start on the first couple of chapters again.

To Charon the ferryman and the mysterious scaffolders.

A big and heartfelt thank you to Rob who has been patiently ferrying people across the car park so they can reach their boats. At times, especially in the dead of night, it has been strange to see a figure emerge from the distance in a small rowing boat and offer assistance in crossing the flood water. No payment has yet been needed!

This is also a big thank you to the mysterious scaffolders who appeared out of nowhere as the flood waters rose and erected scaffolding beside boats to prevent them breaching the banks. How very kind and thoughtful.

And finally, a big up yours to those who have fought over sandbags and only looked after themselves!

Be nice, the world appreciates you more.

For mum and dad in law.

Rob aged 33 in his new pair of wellingtons. Ahh, isn't he cute playing in the puddles in the garden

Rose garden.


This is the park.

Or it was.

The Ock

Full to bursting. This is where the Ock joins the Thames at St. Helen's Warf.

Flooding update for Abingdon

This is the scene at Caldecot Road at the junction with Wilsham Road and St. Helen's Warf. It is a little wet, as you can see and the water hasn't peaked yet. It is predicted to be at its worst between midnight and some time tomorrow.

Bye, bye boater's garden.

Last night we had a garden. This morning we don't. There are a few bemused folk about today. The water has risen about 3ft. I had to wade to get to work so I hope the water doesn't rise any more as I might have difficulties getting home tomorrow.

Lolly really isn't impressed.

Well, I survived.

But the bread didn't.

Incidentally, my blog has been semi-revamped. A new background colour and now you don't need to have your own blogspot account to leave a comment.

I've seen the films, this is the part where I die.

Yes, that is a pic of my lamp. Yes, I am leaving it on all night. Why? Because there is an axe wielding murderer in the porch of my tent. I've been out to investigate twice but he or she is hiding and intent on rummaging through the food bags before coming to get me. It's no fun working on an empty stomach, I'd eat first too. So, in the event of not making it home alive I just wanted to make one thing known: camping is NEVER a good idea.

Dinner time.

We aren't going to starve. By he way, this is Justin, my team leader, cooking pasta suprise. Camping hasn't been too bad so far probably because it has included a visit to the pub. On the bright side this is a work trip and I am getting paid to sit in pretty field beside the river.


It might be a bit wonky but I did it all by myself. By the way, some one save me, please?


The torture starts here. Actually, that's a lie. It started at 11am.

Cruel torturer of small fluffy mammals and winged creatures.

"Me? But I'm all fluff and cuteness".

I'd like to know how she managed to fit a magpie twice her size through the cat flap. It was eventually rescued (minus a few feathers) and set free .

Guess who now gets locked out at night?

Summertime and other stuff.

It is july and I have my winter socks on. At least the rain has kept the park green and lush. The boater's garden is coming on well if not a little behind for this time of year. The flooding earlier this year and the lovely persistent rain showers has meant the garlic bulbs are lush and juicy. They are currently hanging from the shower rail drying. Thankfully we have no other use for the shower at the moment as we have no hot water. This news, to those that know us well, is of no surprise! The hot water was good while it lasted but the diesel heater has died a sad and unelegant death. I would like to point out that we don't smell any worse than usual as that would be a task in itself. We have kind friends and neighbours who are lovely enough to let us use their facilities... Probably because they can't take the stench any more.