To Charon the ferryman and the mysterious scaffolders.

A big and heartfelt thank you to Rob who has been patiently ferrying people across the car park so they can reach their boats. At times, especially in the dead of night, it has been strange to see a figure emerge from the distance in a small rowing boat and offer assistance in crossing the flood water. No payment has yet been needed!

This is also a big thank you to the mysterious scaffolders who appeared out of nowhere as the flood waters rose and erected scaffolding beside boats to prevent them breaching the banks. How very kind and thoughtful.

And finally, a big up yours to those who have fought over sandbags and only looked after themselves!

Be nice, the world appreciates you more.


Ellen said...

Darling, mum just saw the news and called to tell me to tell you that should you need any help, you should just say the word.
Take care of yourself, of Rob and of Lolly.

valonia said...

Thank you, that is very kind of your mum. We're ok at the moment. The water receded a bit today to everyone's joy. As I write this it is raining and has done continuously for the last 4 hours. Let's hope the water doesn't rise again or we may, in deed, need help! Xxx

Ellen said...

Well, in that case: Have a random tackleglomp and a smooch. :o)

valonia said...

Ellen- i'm always open to tackleglomps and smooches. X x