Pak choi: deceased.
Courgette: deceased.
Tomatoes: deceased.
Runner beans: deceased.
Onions: damages sustained.
Peas: deceased.
Broad beans: deceased.
Kale: deceased.
Broccolli: deceased.
Butternut squash: deceased.
Squash bonbon: deceased.
Strawberry: sustained damage.
Sweetcorn: deceased.
Honesty: deceased.
Wallflowers: deceased.
Freesia: deceased.
Hollyhock: deceased.
Sunflowers: alive and present.
Coriander: deceased.
Salad burnett: deceased.
Rosemary: deceased.
Oregano: deceased.
Chives: deceased.
Thyme: deceased.
Fennel: deceased.
Valerian: deceased.
Favourite gardening gloves: missing in action.
Fire bin: alive and present.
Gardener's morale: deceased.


Whitewater said...

At least you are safe and well. The veg can be replaced, you are unreplaceable.

Anonymous said...

Thought you had gone the same way as your veg as it's since a long time that you contacted us. Lol henpecked!!!

Avus said...

Tragic! Still, as Whitewater says, you are both still here (with Lolly, I hope?)

MortimerBones said...

oooh dear...

You had a mention on Granny Buttons... did you notice?