Summertime and other stuff.

It is july and I have my winter socks on. At least the rain has kept the park green and lush. The boater's garden is coming on well if not a little behind for this time of year. The flooding earlier this year and the lovely persistent rain showers has meant the garlic bulbs are lush and juicy. They are currently hanging from the shower rail drying. Thankfully we have no other use for the shower at the moment as we have no hot water. This news, to those that know us well, is of no surprise! The hot water was good while it lasted but the diesel heater has died a sad and unelegant death. I would like to point out that we don't smell any worse than usual as that would be a task in itself. We have kind friends and neighbours who are lovely enough to let us use their facilities... Probably because they can't take the stench any more.

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