Norah G (again).

From a different angle. I'm updating from my mobile so can't add any links but This Abingdon and Bones (see blog links) have both written about it.

Norah G

Or what is left of her above the waterline.

Morris: A Life with Bells On

As Andrew Denny has reported on Granny Buttons a rather small film is creating a rather large wave. Morris: A Life With Bells On is only being shown in a few small locations but there are more Morris dancers and "Morris widows" out there than in just these small communities where the film is being played. We would LOVE to see this film - a light hearted look at an obscure "man only" tradition (Oh yes, it really still is in some locations). As one of these aforementioned widows I urge everyone who reads this to sign the petition to show support for this film and to let it be known that we want this film to be shown nationally...

...And just to show that we appreciate our Morris dancers and their hanky waving, ale and cider drinking and bell jingling ways. Our local market squares and taverns would not be the same without them.

Anyone interested in knowing more about the Morris side that my hubby belongs to click on the link on the right. Remember, a Morris side near you will be recruiting!

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The Snow Has Melted...

...and the water levels have risen. My garden is underwater again.


Enough snow fell over night to hide our mushroom vents. It looks pretty, but the vents will need to be cleared.
It is snowing again!


Our view this morning.

From The Mouths Of Kitties...

... Little wrens are rescued. At least this one survived it's ordeal. Lewsey kindly dropped it into a pint glass for a quick and relatively easy release. Lewsey looked at me with disgust when I let it go.

Playing In The Snow!