My friends have decorated the tin can to mark my birthday. They are also cooking me and the hubby dinner before we return to the boat for drinks. What lovely boaty neighbours and friends I have. The hubby is even going to bake me some apple favourite. I have already had such a lovely day with my folks and's to a lovely evening too. :)

What Boaters Do Best!

Boating, booze and bbqs. It has been a beautiful Sunday so a few of us boaters got together on the Wilts & Berks canal for a bit of a social. The cats were not impressed that dogs were present and spent the evening curled up in the bedroom. The hubby took charge of the cooking and spent the evening in charge of 4 bbqs.


My friend's dog. I need to find another willing volunteer who wants their pet drawn so I can keep up the practise.

And Another Mr Hemming's Photo...

Sorry about the separate posts but my mobile won't let me add multiple photos to one post.

My Morris Dancing Hubby

Today is Mr Hemming's Day Of Dance in Abingdon. Lots of morris sides and belly dancers too!


Over the old gravel pits, Abingdon. The new Wilts And Berks Canal will one day cut through these pits and this basin will be full of boats and human activity. Until then the mist and waterfowl have the evening peace to themselves.