Red Roof.

There is still a lot of work to do to complete the roof but it is finally waterproof.


Avus said...

Ah! It's a red one! (Although it looks pink here)
Red and green, eh? I am colour blind (red/green defective) and these two colours always "run-in" together in a jazzy way where they overlap (can't see red fruit on green trees). So I guess I would see one "flickering" narrer boat.

willow said...

Hi there! What an interesting life you lead. I'm surprised and very honored to see my little manor on your blogroll! Thanks for visiting and I'll be back again soon.

Willow x

Robyn said...

Very nice red roof. Is there any green anywhere?

valonia said...

Avus - That would mean that when you were near we would have a magically disappearing boat -- Woo! Super powers!!

x V.

Willow - Hello, I'm afraid I was far too shy to come and say hello on your blog. I hope you don't mind that I have blogrolled you? And welcome to my life on the water!

x V.

Robyn - Yes, there is still green! The sides are green... and the doors!

x V.