This is always a special time for us. The last few years have seen a muted observance of the occasion due to my poor health but since I am on the mend we decided it was about time to return to our old ways of marking Samhain.

We decorated the inside of the boat with foliage of Autumnal hues:

And carved pumpkins:

Baby pumpkin.
Can you see the outline of a horse in there?

 Rob made a pumpkin scarecrow to scare our guests:

Rob loves Pumpkin Man.
Scary, eh?
 And he made a stew and I baked gingerbread cats, enough to feed ten people (as that's as many as we can cram into the boat):
We didn't really make everyone sit in the dark *cough*.
We also set aside a bowl of stew for those that couldn't be with us. Later, when all was dark and still and everyone had gone home to their beds, we took the time to think of those we miss.



Avus said...

All this is absolutely delightful, Valonia. You both put a lot of work and worship into it. With the decorations, the pumpkin, the food and friends and loved ones around you it must have been a memorable occasion.

Zhoen said...

Wonderfully spooky, but welcoming.

valonia said...

Thank you, both. We had a lovely and very special time. :)