I'm not known for my common sense. I know, I know, that's a major revelation. But I'm chuffed to announce that I have far more sense than the bloke who tried to drive down the lane to the marina this afternoon. It didn't end well for his car. And I suspect that he might be feeling a little embarrassed too, especially since I sent this photo to the local radio station who put it on their Facebook page for everyone to comment on. And they have, most of it involved insults and swearing though so it's probably best not repeated here...

Thankfully, no one was hurt (if you don't include pride) in the events of this afternoon but, sadly, a Rover did die.

He'll have fun explaining this to the missus when he gets home.



Avus said...

Incredible! Did he really think he was going to get that Rover through there.
A more sensible man would have backed off before the water reached door level.
Ah well...they are all out there and they all have the vote...frightening.

valonia said...

Avus, LOLLL! I don't even know where he was trying to go. That road was clearly part of the Thames!