Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers (Cotswold Tradition).

Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers performed yesterday at The Cherry Tree in Steventon. I managed to take a few photographs (especially of Rob in his bells) as they entertained us from the pub car park and afterwards as they played music back in the warmth of the pub.

Parading the Horns.
The Ock Street Horns are always present at an ATMD performance. History states that after a bit of an ox roast dinner and drinking session in 1700 a fight broke out in the town between the men of Ock Street and The Vineyard. Ock Street won the scuffle and took the horns as a trophy. Sounds like a regular Friday night to me...

The Fool.
The Mayor of Ock Street.
The side also includes the Mayor of Ock Street who is elected every year by the residents of Ock Street and carries a chalice and sword as his symbols of his office, and, of course,  there is the fool. What's a morris side without a fool?

The dancers and the musicians:
I recognise him.
And back into the warmth of the pub for a spot of music:

Want to know how they sounded?


Avus said...

Delightful! I love The Morris. If I had not joined The Ermine Street Guard (google it)some 27 years ago I may well have joined a Kent side. The ESG even has a member, an old Etonian, who dances with a Midland Morris side.

"Princess Royal" is my favourite Morris tune.

Zhoen said...

Shorpy has a photo you might enjoy.


valonia said...

Avus, I'd love to see you in morris gear! If you ever retire from ESG put some bells on and start dancing.
If you are ever near Oxford with the ESG let me know. We'll come along and marvel at your Roman-ness. Sorry for the late reply to your comment, btw, I've been hiding away writing an assignment. I thought it was about time I worked on getting my history degree!

valonia said...

Zhoen, that photo is amazing - Nothing's changed in boating life!
A friend was recently showing my photos of the Erie Canal and the wide beams are very similar to the ones here. Looks a beautiful canal to navigate.