When It's Cold Outside...

The chunks of ice covering the moorings become at least an inch thick.
It has been nice to curl up in front of the stove whilst the ice creaks passed seemingly a dream away. It is only when you leave the comfort of the boat that you realise the danger and damage these minus temperatures cause. The water point beside us has burst and the one for the elsan disposal couldn't take the strain anymore and gave up the will to live yesterday.
Poor Whitewater arrived home to a spot of water damage to his boiler and Mags, his nieghbour, didn't fare too well either.

But still, it is so beautiful and still outside. And this morning we woke to a dusting of snow.


Jill and Graham said...

Nice to see that the Thames water is clear, nice clear Ice unlike the opaque ice that we ditch crawlers have to put up with!!!

valonia said...

Though, I'd still not like to swim in it!!!