Thames Ice Exploration.

We have had sub-zero temperatures for over two weeks now and last night Whyte Swallow declared that the ice in the mooring basin could support her weight. We donned our artic clothing and ventured outside for comfirmation. Whyte Swallow nimbly stepped from the pontoon and JUMPED UP AND DOWN on the ice. She didn't die, so we thought we'd have our very own ice adventure. May I present:


Whyte Swallow survives the "jumping" experiment.

Rob proves that he can walk on water.

Lolly wasn't too sure that it was a good idea...

But didn't want to be left out.

Lewsey had already discovered that she could walk on the ice (probably by falling off a boat and not getting wet)

Rob and Lolly walk where no two or four legged beings have walked before.

Morning snow. Lolly and myself exploring in front of our boat after breakfast this morning.

Oh, the fun!

(Photos 1 and 6 belong to Whyte Swallow.)


Purest Green said...

Great photos. Guess you shall have to wait for the big thaw before you can move again.

valonia said...

I don;t think we'll be going anywhere for a while!
x V.

Robyn said...

I hope Lolly and Lewsey realize that when the ice melts they can't walk on water. Fun photos!