The Ice Breaker.

The thaw has started and we were woken this morning by the shudder of the boat bouncing off the edge of the ice in the pool around us. It feels uncannily like we are forever bouncing off a lock wall... And into the wall on the other side. So, off I trundled, barge pole in hand, to free us from our ice prison. See the small section of broken ice in the photo above? That is all I've managed to do so far. The ice is over five inches thick and terribly hard work. I'll have amazingly magnificent and rather manly muscles before this day is out! I'm also hoping that by breaking up the ice the cats will not want to walk on it anymore. I've heard too many stories of pets drowning... Actually, dogs to be specific, but still, it's not worth the risk.


ANDY & MEL LOWE said...

Hi V

glad you are free from the ice

i have a friend called ray who has just had his barge extended and was so happy to get back into the water but has been stuck because of the ice

see you have seen our good friends Rima and Tui's blog

they are amazing people they have only just hit the road full time a few weeks ago

of to inverness tonight if Sioux is not to GRUMPY

lots of love the dafthermits

andy & mel

herhimnbryn said...

All this ice-iness! Please send some across the sea to me:)

ROUTES said...

Brr I used to live on an old barge and it could get very cold .. now I just visit a boat for weekends but wish it was all the time..its a good life. Lovely blog will be back ;-)

Joe said...

Sounds like amazingly difficult work.

I hear you about the pets, though. I was watching a few cats walk over my pool cover this weekend and wondering how I'd go about rescuing them if the ice broke. Fortunately, it didn't.

valonia said...

Hi dafthermits! _ yes, I know Rima. I have a clock on order from her! I've been following her travels avidly and am a great fan of her beautiful artwork.

I wish you well on your trip to Inverness and can't wait to see your photos :)

x V.

HhnB - How much ice would you like?

xx V.

ROUTES - Nice to meet you! Yes, there's something about living on a boat that gets into your blood. Once done, I don't think you can ever leave it behind.

You are welcome to my blog any time. :)

x V.

Hi Joe - Your blog ALWAYS cheers me up when I get into work and switch on the computer... and procrastinate. It's nice to see you over here at my blog (a world/lifestyle away from your own).
You know, you've just fuelled the stereotype that everyone living in the US has a pool... I'd like to think it was true, but alas, I know one person without one.

In return, can I just help with some English stereotyping? I have wonky teeth and really live in a castle. With servant. Ooh, yes, lots of servants...and er, I know the Queen...

xx V.