Spotted. Too Close For Comfort?

As cute as mink may look, and as kind as animal rights activists thought they were by releasing mink into the wild, these little critters are rather deadly. They have not just been spotted at Abingdon Lock, as The Herald indicates, but have also been seen at our moorings... and in my garden.

But what should I do?


MortimerBones said...

pop it in a plastic bag and leave it on my deck.

Robyn said...

Valonia, how do you mean deadly? Will they nip you or eat your chickens? (If you had any). They are rather beautiful though aren't they.

valonia said...

Bones - I volunteer you to catch it!

Robyn - Mink are rather vicious and don't just kill for hunger, they kill because they can. They will attack animals and birds that are much bigger than themselves. My cats wouldn't stand much of a chance against one - and I do worry about their safety. Families of mink have been known to decimate local wildlife populations and endangered creatures like the water vole are not really much of a match when pitted against a mink.
Mink are beautiful creatures though and the thought of having one destroyed is heart breaking... however, I would prefer the wellbeing of my cats above them if I was faced with such a decision.

Robyn said...

No wonder you are worried about your cats. Who would have thought?

Anonymous said...

Mink don't just kill because they can. They have a natural hoarding instinct. They kill more than they can eat and save the rest for later.

Anonymous said...

Valonia - you should keep your cats inside. It's safer for them and the birds. Don't just take my word for it:

Much of what you said about the mink could apply to cats, but unlike mink, cats aren't indigenous to the US. Leave the mink outdoors where they belong and bring the kitties in!