The Saxon Maze.

My mother and I spent a lazy Sunday lunchtime lost in a maze at The Herb Farm in Sonning Common. Not just any maze though, no. An Anglo-Saxon style maze created in 1991 by Adrian Fisher. I would like to say that we cleverly negotiated our way through the tall beech hedges until we found ourselves at the centre in minutes flat. But no. I think we may have walked for miles and retraced our steps (accidentally) more than enough times to make our brains ache.

Just when my stamina was fading, my head spinning, and I was fighting the desire to scramble over the hedges we found ourselves at the middle and could rest easy. And we didn't have to retrace our steps to get out again. Hurrah!

We were forced to recover with a Devonshire cream tea. It is a hard life.


Robyn said...

Sounds like fun. Now if you were to get lost and wanted to get out in a hurry could you scamble over the top, or is it too high?

valonia said...

It was far too high!