A Little Bit Of R&R At The Hermitage.

We have been working hard, these last few days, to make nb TGM presentable. We didn't quite realise what a state the poor boat had come to, but TGM has a new mooring and will soon have a new colour scheme too... well, the roof at least.

So, after days of sanding, cleaning, priming and painting (pictures to follow) I took a little stroll to Rima's Hermitage to rest my weary limbs.

And, one day quite soon two beautiful prints from Rima's etsy shop will be finding their way to the Thames to adorn the saloon of our little boat:

Above: Magic (Quote by Roald Dahl)
Right: Lodka


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I found you from Rima's site, so it's fitting that you are currently awaiting her artwork! What a lovely site you have and what an adventurous life! Edward and I shall return, despite his misgivings about cats!
All the best to you!

Rima said...

How lovely of you :)
I have just packaged them up and am off to the post office in a bit :)
Lovely to have work on walls on water!

MortimerBones said...


Avus said...

I guess it will still be green?? (or you will have to rename it).
Thought of getting a Green Man figure head for her? that would look great on the bow.
Loved the Rima items.

valonia said...

Pamela Terry and Edward - Thank you for popping over and paying us a visit. It is ok, the cats stayed up on the roof away from Edward lest he lick/eat/chase/cuddle them. I hope he will return with you again soon.
I've had a peek at your lovely blog and was smitten by your beautiful prose. I'll add you to my blogroll if I may?
X V.

Rima - Your work has arrived already and is gloriously beautiful. I think I must buy some frames. I couldn't resist blu-tacking the pictures to the walls though, they just look right at home on our boat :)
Oh, and Rob thought the chap at the very front of Lodka looked just like how he has always imagined Rumpelstiltskin to appear.
X V.

Bones - Damn straight! x V.

Avus - The roof will be red and black. I was painting the rails black when a young boy asked whether I was changing the boat name to The Black Man. His mother rushed him away rather swiftly before I had chance to respond!
A green man figure head? Now there's an idea! I'll have to work on that one...
X V.

Robyn said...

How wonderful to have some Rima art on your boat. It sounds like the sprucing up of The Green Man is going very well.

Rima said...

Jolly Glad they arrived ok :) And glad to hear of the Rumpelstiltskin lookalike!
And so pleased you liked them.
I can recommend Ikea for v cheap but nice frames - & stained they look great. It is rainy here for a change... X R

herhimnbryn said...

Looking forward to seeing the gussied up Green Man.