On Monday HHnB posted a lovely photograph of what she saw when she looked up at midday and asked other bloggers to do so and leave her a comment so she can follow their trail.

And this is what I saw:

Storm clouds.

A few minutes later the heavens opened and the storm broke.


herhimnbryn said...

Now then, I thought it was Summer in the UK! We are surrounded by storm clouds too, but it is Winter here.

valonia said...

Summer? What is that? I lit the stove a couple of nights ago as it was a bit chilly.

Robyn said...

Storm clouds here too! We'r having a particularly cold winter.

BTW, Valonia there's an award for you back at my blog.

Rima said...

Hello Valonia.. just stumbled here by chance and thought what a lovely blog.. then I found my website in your links!! Pleased to meet you... am adding your blog to my links now :)
All the best from rainy Scotland

valonia said...

Robyn - An award? I better get all dressed up and come and collect it!

Rima - Hi! Nice to have you over here at my blog. Yes, I'm guilty of alredy being aware of your lovely blog but was feeling far too shy to say hi!