And the second harvest from the Boater's Garden is garlic raised and tended by Rob's fair hands. We like growing garlic, especially Solent White (as in photo above) as they seem to survive the winter floods. We have enough garlic to last us to next summer and beyond. It is currently hanging in our bathroom. When it dries we'll plait them together and distribute among friends and family.


Rima said...

Lovely Garlic!
And glad you'd like a clock!!
You'd better get your order in quick! the list is getting long!
Thanks for your nice words too ...
x Rima

Anonymous said...

Your blog has seemed to me to be very interesting. I like your post on the garlics, essential in a kitchen. Your bliblioteca is very buien. I also have mine in Library Thing.

A greeting.

valonia said...

Thanks Rima,

I'll try and settle on a theme for a clock order!

Hello Ninona, and thank you for your lovely comments. I popped over to your blog and was enchanted by your images... alas, my language skills let me down and your writing remains a mystery!