Sinodun Hills

Walk 2012

In this sweet field high raised above the Thames
Beneath the trenched hill of Sinodun
Amidst sweet dreams of disembodied names
Abide the setting of the August sun,
Here where this long ridge tells of days now done;
This moveless wave wherewith the meadow heaves
Beneath its clover and its barley-sheaves.

Across the gap made by our English hinds
Amidst the Roman's handiwork, behold
Far off the long-roofed church the shepherd binds
The withy round the hurdles of his fold
Down the foss the riverbed of old,
That through the long lapse of time has grown to be
The little grassy valley that you see.

Rest here awhile, not yet the eve is still,
The bees are wandering yet, and you may hear,
The barley mowers on the trenched hill,
The sheep-bells, and restless changing weir
All little sounds made musical and clear
Beneath the sky that burning August gives,
While yet the thought of glorious Summer lives.

- William Morris

National Trail


Avus said...

Beautifully apt for your lifestyle, Valonia. Well chosen and thank you for introducing me to a poem I did not know.

valonia said...

You're more than welcome, Avus. :)

Not just silly things happen in this blog, no...sometimes there's a bit of clever stuff too.

Silliness is set to shortly return...

Pete said...

Beautiful, truly beautiful. Mrs Knowley and I still think of getting our boat and living the dream. Not long now, just got to sort the kids and pension etc etc!!

Glad to find you again, have saved you into my favourites



herhimnbryn said...

Perfect poem for you!