Every boat should have one (you’ll feel naked otherwise).

It's true. You don’t realise it yet but you will. Yes, you will and you'll wonder how you survived so long without one.

All great ships in history had one (well ok, not all). The Vikings knew how to build a good ship and they used them to ward off evil spirits and scare the Bejesus out of everyone. The fact that not everyone believed in Jesus at the time is a mere technicality. I could have said it was used to frighten the pants off everyone instead, but I’m sure not everyone had undergarments either.

A mere nine centuries later it was introduced on galleons and other such vessels to help a non-literate society distinguish one vessel from another. I guess saying “that big ship over there” no longer held sway.

Yes, I’m talking about fidgureheads.

Their appeal has waned over the years but has never been entirely lost.

They might not seem an obvious feature on a narrowboat... primarily because they’re not. But this shouldn’t put you off having one. Traditionally ‘eyes’ were painted on the bow of a boat to ward off evil spirits but let’s face it, when you’re drunk and it’s dark and you’re trying to remember which boat is yours as you stumble home, it can be a bit difficult to pick out your boat in a line-up of likely characters – and the spirits (good or bad) don’t lend a hand.

And this is where Jon (aka Sasquatch - there have been sightings...) steps in to help. He, of the @workboatpug on Twitter makes figurehads out of rope. It’s like a fender-corndolly-type affair. And they are blimmin’ brilliant.

He’ll make you one – just ask him, and then you, like us, can have delusions of grandeur too. We no longer think of the boat as a humble monkey-come-narrowboat. No, we now sail in a mighty vessel that we use to scare the life out of the local population. In my head we are aboard The Queen Anne’s Revenge and we’re up to no good. That would make the Hubby Blackbeard and me... erm, ok, we’ll leave this analogy behind...

So, here's to Jon, allowing drunkards* to find their boats again.

*Not that we're this way inclined...


A Heron's View said...

After reading your words and before seeing the photos, I expected to see a larger figurehead with flashing green eyes -my imagination runs wild occasionally :)

Majid Ali said...

Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

Avus said...

I see....Blackbeard, The Queen Anne's Revenge, etc. Do you see yourself in the role of Keira Knightley?

Zhoen said...

Hood ornaments.

That's a very good Green man.

(Oh, not hubby, it's an ugly word. Spouse, husband, sweetiekins, but please, not hubby.)

valonia said...

AHV - Flashing eyes? I like that idea! I wonder whether I could rig something up? ;)

Avus - Now, that sounds much better than being the powder monkey!

Zhoen - Is sweetiekins really better? Really? I could show off my Yorkshire roots and use 't'ther half' instead?