Job #2 Prod the shower pump with a stick.

And so I did. This is no lie. I also threatened it with a hammer but we don't talk about that.

In all fairness, there wasn't anything wrong with the pump per se; it just needed a little bit of love and de-limescaling.

The plumbing from the shower to the pump, on the other hand, needed a bit more work (and prodding with a stick). I probably didn’t help matters with my over exuberance to get the work done (let’s just say that water was draining into the bilges for a little while).

In the end, Rob bought me this:

Who knew a plunger could be so much fun? And who knew how much limescale grit could get stuck in a plug hole?

This really isn’t an exciting post.

We now have a shower that drains remarkably well though.

Shame we don’t actually have any running hot water.

Ooh, could that be job #3?


herhimnbryn said...

Hallo again! Like the 'plunger'!

Don't talk to me about showers. Ours seems to have gone into into tepid only mode ( and it's winter here).

Avus said...

I have found that most of life's little difficulties can be solved either by poking them with a stick or hitting them with a hammer. But I should use the latter carefully if you are actually floating on the object you are hitting.

Pete said...

Hooray Avus informed me you're back. Will follow avidly.

"Shower - Luxury, our mum used to rub us down wi' a handful of hot gravel"

Good to see you


valonia said...

Hello, it's so good to see you again :)

It is a rather snazzy plunger, isn't it?

I feel your shower pain! You never really appreciate hot running water until it's gone. We've had too many winters without it - mind you, the water points always freeze so it's a battle to get any water at all!

I hope you have hot water soon :)

X v.


The hammer is mainly used to make me look threatening and every now and again I accidentally drop it and break something. I'm suprised the hubby hasn't taken it off me already!

X v.

Hello you :)

Where's your blog gone? I looked for it as soon as I got back here and you're post-less.

It's great to see you all again in blog land.

Does Avus know you're spilling the beans on your childhood washing facilities? ;)

X v.