HMS LCTNOITRMWWTLI goes for a run. Well, it was more of an amble.

Yes, we took the old girl (or should that be boy since we gave the boat a masculine name?) out to stretch her (his?) legs and have a break from all the DIY.

We didn’t go too far, just far enough to get away from the hustle and bustle of our home mooring. There’s a secret spot that only the locals know and where the world can pass you by in relative silence. I say relative because the geese were noisy beggars and kept up with regular swim-by honkings.

The only folk we met on the river were the inmates of HMS Salter’s Party Boat of Loud Disco Noises or Goring, if you prefer its proper name.

We disguised ourselves as a grassy bank:

Actually, I don’t think the spot is that much of a secret because there was a well used fire pit. I started the camp fire whilst the hubby wasn’t looking (I deny all accusations that I have a habit of accidentally setting things on fire).

Rob also took the opportunity to stand in a field and play his mandolin. The lengths some musicians will go to to get their music heard. He did a great rendition of Postman Pat though. Yes, that was one of my requests...

I think I drank a gallon of tea whilst Rob pickled himself slowly in rum. That made winning at cards that evening a lot easier but it did mean I had to do some proper crewing on the way home the following morning whist Rob recovered.

Was lovely to get out onto the river again. Hopefully, we'll do it a lot more.


Avus said...

Alright - I give up! I enjoy cross words but have not fathomed
"hms lctnoitrmwwtli"
Please put me out of my misery.

valonia said...

I forgot to explain that one, didn't I?

It stands for HMS Long Corridor That No One In Their Right Mind Would Want To Live In.

A nickname borne of fondness and from the fact that everything keeps breaking!

x V.

Zhoen said...

I found that on your sidebar, but it gave me a long moment's pause first.

Nice camouflage job.

valonia said...

Ah, good, I thought it was mentioned somewhere!

Next step in the camouflage mission is to dress the boat as a cow...