So much time has passed...

...since my last post. Spring is here, we have had our first thunderstorm of the year... and the mooring manager has evicted our cats.

We are saddened by this (one was a naughty little beggar) and they are currently in kitty borstal (or, to be more precise, they are being spoilt rotten whilst staying with my parents).

In lieu of this we have decided to sell The Green Man and try our luck on land. We probably won't last long before the river calls us home but it is time for a change and to move on.

We need t0 schedule work for the BSS and finish a little bit of decoration, but soon, very soon, our lovely floating home will be ready to put onto the market. I'll post details here when it is.



Zhoen said...

And a lovely wee home it is, too.

Avus said...

I know you will miss the boat, but maybe the change will be stimulating (and you can get the moggies back).
I hope it will not mean you give up blogging (even if the title changes).
Good luck!

DJ said...

I hope you have a smooth transition to land-living once again. And yes, do keep blogging~ Hope you continue your creative endeavors, and will share them on your blog.