Did Someone Mention Snow?

Here are a few photographs taken on my phone this morning (and the snow pig I made last night… it looks more like Winne the Pooh)

snow day 018 Walking home from work.

snow day 019It’s still snowing. 7inches so far!

snow day 022  A driver had a lucky escape. Tyre prints leading across a junction and into the crash barrier beside the river.

snow day 025

Luckily the snow hasn’t diminished my reading skills so I could still find my way home in all the whiteness!

snow day 027

The marina

snow day 029  

And the road leading to it.

snow day 030

Glad I didn’t cycle to work.

snow day 036

My garden.

snow day 038

The boat.

snow day 039

The view from my boat.

snow day 042

Thankfully not my boat. I wouldn’t like to fight my way into that!

snow day 050

I like the bouys…

snow day 043

This is beginning to make me feel cold…

snow day 048

Cats not too sure about this…

snow day 017

The “snowpig”


niftyknits said...

oh my goodness!

Avus said...

Ice not thick enough for skating then?

Zhoen said...

Quite the adventure. Love the snowpig.

I really have to stop by more often, the last post was the June Duck.