Well, I'm stranded...

...So I thought I'd blow the dust off this old thing and actually write an update. It is nice to have some time to do so.

The marina has flooded again and I have been promised some waders tomorrow (boots, not birds) so I'll be able to finally leave the pontoons. I'm now beginning to understand a little of how the cat is feeling being reduced to prowling the pontoons, sulking, comfort eating and watching t.v.

I tested the depth of water today by attempting to place my wellied foot onto marina car park. Not so clever, as it turns out. There may have been a comedy moment where I scrambled for the pontoon. Rob tried something similar a few days ago when investigating the extent of flooding in the park by the marina. End result = socks steaming on the stove.

The photo of the park above was taken two days ago. The bench in the foreground is now under water... and the swan has er, swanned off.


eretria said...

Are you real?

valonia said...

Hello, hello!!!

*pokes* yep, I'm real.

Are you still in the States?

xxx V.

Avus said...

Nice to have you back, Valonia. Flooded again, what? At least it "floats your boat" and you can "rise to the occasion"!

valonia said...

Thank you, it is nice to be back.

And strangely, I appreciate that humour even more since I've been inside since thursday and now have cabin fever!


xxx V.