I think it may have rained a bit more through the night.

The boats have a wet shimmer to them this morning. Everything is damp and soaking, not least my garden...

And Abingdon Marina park beyond. I really must dig out a decent camera. My phone camera really isn't very good.

The marina car park seems to think it is part of the Thames:

Keith, the marina engineer, waded his way through the flood waters to remove the life rings from the pilings as the water is so high that the boxes were about to cause the pontoon to tilt. I was just getting ready with a screwdriver and spanner to attempt the job myself...

And then Keith disappeared beyond the waters to the comfort of dryish land.

This Abingdon has far better pictures and updates about the flooding in this area. I also read an article about three chaps going for a midnight swim. Not really a very clever idea but who knew that Oxford had that many nudists?!


Avus said...

You had better change the name from "Green Man" to "Ark".

As to the naked swimmers. I note that one "came through the weir". That's a new perversion I would never have thought of. They obviously do this for the orgasm!

valonia said...

Ahahhah. How rude.

Love it.