Foolhardy boaters are we.

We are finally on the move. The river is on yellow at the moment and we've made it to Sandford safely. There were a few dicey moments coming under Abingdon bridge where the current was particularly strong. Nearing Abingdon Lock we found ourselves moving sideways as opposed to forward. The trip would have normally taken us one and a half hours. We managed it in two.

Smiles has done a grand job crewing and fetching beer and we met my parents at Sandford Lock. We were planning to have a meal in The King's Arms but it is currently closed due to flood damage. A take away filled the gaps in our stomachs and we sat around lazily until we felt able to move again.

Lolly is coping well with the move. She spent the first half hour crying followed by two hours hiding under the bed. She has finally found the courage to sit on the aft deck.


Avus said...

As Joe Gargery said,"What larks, Pip!"

Robyn said...

Sighhh! It looks so amazing, this life of yours.