The Boater's Garden: Part 473b. Probably.

Well, I said a fond farewell to my beloved garden or what was left of it after the floods. I came home from work one day and discovered that the kind boating folk of my neighbourhood had collected all the organic detrius that the waters left behind and piled it all in my garden for burning. So I pulled up all the rotten vegetation that had once held the promise of fecundity and added it to the giant mound.

I did harbour thoughts of abandoning gardening on the flood plain but the inch of lovely silt deposited in the vegetable beds whispered words of encouragement. And so did every boater in the vicinity. I never knew that people cared so much about it but it has spurred me on. So, the burning process has begun and the ashes will be scattered and forked back into the beds.

By the way, if anyone up river from Abingdon reads this and just so happened to lose a newly sown lawn to the floods I'd like you to know that I found it. The seeds deposited themselves in one of my vegetable beds and are doing rather well. You are more than welcome to reclaim your lawn before Rob follows though with his threat of turfing the roof of the boat.


Avus said...

Turfing the roof - cool! How greener than that coud a "Green Man" get?

Whitewater said...

We all do appreciate your efforts and the fruits of your labour where sorely missed this year.

herhimnbryn said...

The Green Man will always watch over you and your garden!!!! YOu have to plant again.