She returns.

Meet Gemma.


Avus said...

Just thought I would mention a book which might be just up your street (although you may have it?)
It is called "Ramlin (sic) Rose. The Boatwoman's Story" and is about the life of the narrow boat women when the canals were used for commerce. Great read.
Funnily enough I bought it in a little book shop in a little New Zealand town, whilst on holiday.
I see it it available on Amazon in paperback.

Vita said...

Speaking of books. I thought of you when I read Water Like a Stone by Deborah Crombie, because narrow boats were part of it. I like chives, too, and have some outside looking a lot like your photo.

I think it's very admirable the way you make all that electronic stuff work even when it gets pretty technical. Good for you.

valonia said...

Avus - Cheers for that I will look out for it or demand my husband buys me it for my birthday.

I did read a great book not so long ago about women working on canal boats during the war. I can't remember what it was called though.

X V.

valonia said...

Hi Vita.

I really have no idea how all the technical stuff works, but I find randomly pressing buttons help!

I shall look out for that book too. :)

X V.