It rains. Again.

The water has slowly been rising for the last few days. It is raining as i write this. To be fair, it did hold off until i left the boat. Cheeky rain god having fun with me. The ducks like it though and have found themselves a nice puddle in the middle of the road. Clever ducks. Steve from polgara and mags and mike from starfish are organising a bbq for tonight, so i think it is time to beg the sun to show itself. We have just come home from a long weekend at center parcs, longleat. It rained the entire time but i don't mind because i got to see a badger... And my lovely family who haven't been in the same county as each other since my my wedding a year and a half ago. Please excuse my spelling and grammer as i'm trying to write this as i walk to the shops. A woman who can't multi task? Well, i can walk and talk at the same time and am bloody good at it too! Name me a woman win can't?


herhimnbryn said...

Am impressed with your multi tasking.

Avus said...

They reckon that ex President Ford of the USA could walk and chew gum, but not both at the same time.