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The baby coot has been lovingly named Giblet and today my friend George filled his dingy with river water so Giblet could have a swim in safety. Whilst Giblet was swimming, his mother returned, and together they conversed in coot language. George kindly reunited mother and baby and they swam happily away. I am no longer a coot mother. At least I managed to keep it alive and happy overnight. My goldfish mothering skills are slightly less advanced as my previous record shows... Anyway, a happy ending it would seem to this coot related tale.


DJ said...

What a great story; I smell a children's book that's yours for the writing.
Thanks for stopping by my blog; I've enjoyed catching up with your posts.
I hope everything goes well with the sale of The Green Man; an awesome boat...
Please keep in touch!

Zhoen said...

This really would make a great children's picture book.

Sue said...

What a perfect ending.. well done to you

valonia said...

Maybe one day Giblet's tale will be written!!

I will certainly keep in contact after we sell the boat - I may have to change the name of my blog though!