Losing Power

I came home from work yesterday to find our electricity cutting out. The inverter screamed at me for a while so I thought I better investigate before it exploded and the hubby told me off for allowing it to explode. After wandering up and down the boat for a time and turning off all electrical appliances and scratching my head in a rather clueless manner it was decided that the most sensible thing to do, and perhaps the most obvious, was to plug in each appliance individually and see which one was causing the problem.

Everything seemed to work fine when plugged in individually so I started to switch on different appliances at the same time. This probably wouldn’t take very long normally, but on our boat we have a multitude of “essential” appliances… chest freezer… fridge… microwave…toaster…tumble dryer… washing machine… the list seemed endless.

I eventually massed the courage to switch them all on together. The inverter didn’t like that and started screaming at me again. I really didn’t understand what could be wrong. We haven’t bought anything new… everything used to work perfectly fine when all plugged in together.

As a last resort I thought I’d try unplugging the shoreline power and reattaching it again.

As I pulled out the plug something fell out… and stared at me in a very dazed manner:

spider_750 It was a very large house spider. I’m not sure how it survived in the plug socket, but it did and seemed a little bit upset about being removed.

I reattached the shoreline power and… hey presto! Everything works fine again. The spider eventually wandered off. I think it has now taken up residence in the cat flap.


PurestGreen said...

Aaaaaaahhh! Spider!

I'm sorry. I'll be fine. Really big spiders just freak me out. I'm a wimp.

valonia said...

They scare the life out of my hubby too! I am the resident spider remover...

The hubby removes bees and wasps from the boat whilst I normally run around screaming.

x V

Gwen Buchanan said...

so this big spider was pulling a big load of your electricity... Shocking!!!

He looks a lot like a spider I did a watercolor painting of and posted on my blog last February...

The fellow I painted was a Wolf Spider... don't you think he looks similar?

I'm glad he didn't die.. I like spiders

Avus said...

Watch out for him! If he has taken in all that charge he may be in a corner growing VERY BIG!

Avus said...

Watch out for him. After taking on board all that charge he could be sitting in a corner someplace growing VERY BIG!

Avus said...

I seem to have said it twice, but there is a discount for quantity

valonia said...

Hi Gwen,

For a moment i thought your watercolour was an actual photograph. Amazing.

x V.

Hi Gandalf,

It's ok, I am prepared for giant spider invasion. I have my trusty rolling pin at hand!

x V.

A Heron's View said...

The nature loving Mrs Heron has a pet spider in the bathroom that lives in a corner behind the pine cladding!

Am tempted to remove it, but cannot face the recriminations that would surely follow!

herhimnbryn said...

Shelob in her (socket) lair!

herhimnbryn said...

I'd like to introduce you to someone!