nb TGM springs a leak.

I can only apologise to anyone trying to get some sleep last night. The silence of the evening was broken by the sound of our wet & dry vacuum working on overdrive. After accusing both cats of peeing in the boat and trying not to feel alarmed by Lewsey playing in the puddle, I glanced up far enough to see water seeping up through the floor. I was everso slightly alarmed by this. Our bilge was FULL of water. How long does it take to sink a narrowboat?

Smiles kindly popped by to ask about salvage rights as we were busy bailing out water. I offered him two cats but received a negative response.

It turns out our water pump was leaking. It had kindly refrained from making any auidable pumping water sounds to alert us to this matter, though the boat was beginnng to list port side.

By 11pm we had removed enough water to stop this list and by mid afternoon today the last lot of water was hoovered up. Rob fixed the pump and we are all slowly drying out.


Whitewater said...

I am disappointed that you only offered cats, I had an eye on your telly.

Avus said...

"I was everso slightly alarmed by this" - good old English stiff upper lip, what?
How much more "interesting" is your life than mine lived on dry land! (Old Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times"!)

valonia said...

Whitewater - The telly was going to go down with us!

valonia said...

Avus - I must admit I was looking forward to a nice relaxing evening. Never a dull moment on a boat!

eretria said...

Do you have to dry out furniture as well? I hope not, and I hope you're all warm snug and toasty again by now.

valonia said...

I lost a bookcase, but luckily that was all (and I was planning on throwing that out anyway!).

We do have a bit more bailing out of water as it has taken a while for all of it to settle down to where our inspection hatch is. Hopefully, that will be the end of it... or we may actually be taking in water from the river.